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Commonly used computer of shortcuts

Methods: shift + 6 (the Lord the keyboard of 6, is Y key to up the 6), the prerequisite is that in

Computer process management: what

System after general optimization (is closed system unnecessary service, disable

XXX technology co., LTD. Was established in XXX, XXX month, adhering to the "love associated achievement dream to good to beauty, integrity-based" business philosophy, "innovation work the good faith cooperation" as a modern values, after five years of hard work and development, has accumulated rich management experience and market development ability, has a certain


Often face computer how to protect the eyes

Eye protection is now white-collar and some workers and students is an important work, so very

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Computer process management: what

System after general optimization (is closed system unnecessary service, disable
Hard disk firmware is simply the hard disk factory information. Including the positioning information, defect list, hard disk parameters, drive module, etc. For some reason lead to the firmware is lost or damaged, the hard disk, speaking, reading and writing errors, illegal identification and so on, this kind of situation without
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It is really very important to protect our information, exactly like we protect our family. Data leaks will lead to big troubles. For people, various ones privacy matters raise, whereas for companies, they will have problems with important damage the result of the information breaches. Because the development of internet, the real danger of anti-malware is increasing day by day, and no one could be certain that its information can be safe and sound at all times. In order to resolve this difficulty, windows file encryption software free download
the safety mindset and smart habit of files defense is recommended.

Whether or not many of us are generally used at workplace, or in the home, You might use personal computers to save a lot of private and private data. From important files to many of these family getaway pictures,

File encryption programs all things is stored on the hard drives. Consequently it is very important to ensure that this data is secured to protect against any unwanted access.

We can pay attention to information stability, then have done almost everything possible to avoid personal information breaches. Unfortunately, there will always be circumstances in which our own personal data could possibly inevitably be shown:

1. You may well have to go away and deal with many urgent matters, as the Desktop usb encryption software computer may not be turned off.

2. In work place, we keep and send the data on the local area networks, in which the data is actually shared by anyone in the company.

3. Members of the family share file encryption software one or more PCS at home.

4. We might lost or damaged our laptops (USB drive, CD/DVD disc, removable hard drives etc.) or offer them to others.

5. Home pc is hacked.

6. We now need someone to fix this operating system or personal pc hardware.

In those situations, the data stored in our personal computers, removable hard disks and so forth.) is probably confronted with various types of risks. As an example, the useful files might be duplicated or removed. All of the results can be possibly harmful. How you can safely protect your data in the private computers?

If we need to share laptop or desktop between members of your family, yet you also would like a lot of specific computer data files on it. Or if you just dont want that some other user get quite a few pretty important information on your hard drive.

idoo File Encryption allows you to have divide disk drive on your laptop which may be locked and unlocked by using a security password within one second! Also, once locked the data file can become completely unseen in the Microsoft windows system.

It will be usual for a corporation or individual to lose vital documents when somebody accidentally deletes or modifies files. With idoo Software you can instantly lock data and computer drives so they can't be used. It shields data files from mishaps which can set your business back with several weeks of additional and costly work.

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Select "Lock Folder" from "Hard Disk" on the left area. Then click "Lock Folder" to add folder you need to lock. Also, you might also lock file or local disks by adding files, foldes and drives this list by "Lock File" or "Lock Partition".

The locked files, folders and Hard drive are going to be limited, and they can be used through entering the correct account password.


How you can guard files, folders and Hard disk drive.

Select "Protect File" from "Hard Disk" on the left list. Click "Protect floder" to add the computer data files you have to protect. Every bit as, also you can protect folders or local harddrives by adding them to the list from "Protect file" or "Protect partition".